25 Year History


Incorporated in 1989 RPC Data became Botswana’s first official distributor of Oracle range of products in 1992. Within 2 years, RPC entered a growth phase that necessitated a deeper technical competency and a recapitalization of the business. Q Data was identified by the Directors as an ideal technical partner given their expertise and synergies with RPC. This relationship went further, when RPC merged with Q Data’s Botswana operations leading to the re-branding of RPC to RPC Data (Pty) Ltd in February 1995.

Public Listing

In September 1999, RPC Data invited the public to invest in the business through a successful initial public offering on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE), allowing for local and foreign investors an opportunity to partake in RPC Data Limited (changed from Pty Ltd. after listing) growth. For 12 years RPC Data remained the only company in the IT sector to be listed in the BSE. In November 2013, the Directors resolved to delist RPC Data in November 2013 as privatization would offer the operational agility RPC Data required to remain competitive in an industry that had matured with several companies now competing in already limited market.

2014/2015 – 25th Year

2014 (25th year in operations) witnessed tremendous change as RPC continued to re-invent and adapt to the market. In this year alone, RPC concluded partnerships with SAP (the leading Tier 1 ERP Vendor) and Newgen Software Limited (leading Electronic Records and Document Management Systems) allowing RPC –first in Botswana – to expand both horizontally by offering a technology-agnostic solution to the LE and PSE markets in SAP Business All-In-One; and vertically by offering solutions targeted to the Small-to-Medium Enterprises through SAP Business One and Newgen OmniScan, OmniDocs, and OmniFlow.