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RPC Data Limited, local Botswana enterprise invests more than 1.5 Million Pula in Skills Development and Job Creation in Botswana.

Gaborone, Botswana — 16th March 2015 – RPC Data Limited (RPC), Botswana’s leading IT solutions provider and consulting powerhouse announced today an annual investment of more than P1.5 Million towards skills development and job creation in Botswana. This investment is utilized for skills development of interns acquired through the Department of National Internship Programme (DNIP).

Through a structured and managed internship program, RPC “intern to employment cycle” is a critical component of its skills development and human capital management. While interns, selected based on academic performance and interviews, have been engaged through locally based internship programs so far, RPC has recently embarked on an international internship program that takes interns from DNIP to programs outside the country conducted by its well-developed business partner network.
Mr. Rob Pool, Executive Chairperson, RPC said, “Since inception, RPC has always played a critical role in skills development for Batswana many of whom remain with RPC while others have started their own successful enterprises and some have moved into senior roles in the industry.”

The first batch of interns have been enrolled in an 12-month international training program that brings together graduates from 9 African countries including Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Senegal. The internship program is structured to offer 6 months of intense in-classroom training in SAP products followed by 6 months of on-the-job training which includes 5 months on active projects at client sites. The internship program is conducted by industry and SAP expert consultants and interns collaborate with fellow regional graduates that impart valuable social skills and enhance global competitiveness. Upon completion, the interns graduate as SAP certified consultants. SAP certification is an internationally recognized qualification awarded to consultants who demonstrate in-depth knowledge in their SAP areas of specialization.

“At RPC, we firmly believe that job creation in current circumstances is only possible by investing in multiple initiatives and thereby providing the much needed business diversity to the Botswana market. To that extent RPC recently launched its partnership with SAP and also signed agreements with other Software Solution providers,” said Mr. Komal Rao, Managing Director, RPC Data. He further added, “To that extent our internship program is designed to catch fresh talent young and mould them into professional consultants in these business areas. So when this batch of interns return from their 12 month training, they will not only be absorbed as proud RPC employees, but will represent the first group of Batswana SAP experts.”

RPC’s efforts and commitment to skills development has been recognized and lauded by DNIP. Ms. Bolele, Director, DNIP said, “RPC’s internship program is innovative and serves as a shining example of how the collaborative relationship between private enterprises and government through DNIP can create a win-all situation.”

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