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RPC Data Limited Successfully Launches MVA Fund’s Case Management System

Gaborone, Botswana — RPC Data Limited (RPC), Botswana’s leading IT solutions provider and consulting powerhouse announced today that it has successfully gone live with Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund’s Case Management System (CMS) implemented using SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Case Management System.

MVA Fund’s CMS allows the linking of diverse information, such as business partners, transactions, products, and documents originating from different systems and stakeholders. With the CMS, MVA Fund will automate critical processes in the Fund’s service delivery framework and significantly increase operational efficiency together with greatly improving service excellence.

Since its inception in January 1987, MVA Fund has and continues to expand operations governed by the MVA Fund Act Number 15 of 2007 and driven by supporting the strategic goals of “Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Improving Stakeholder Relations”.

The prevailing act brought focus on medical treatment, rehabilitation, road safety, and intensified activities to increase accessibility of the MVA Fund’s services. To this extent, MVA Fund established The Case Management Function to deliver on its mission to enhance the quality of life promoting road safety, compensating, rehabilitating and supporting those affected by Road Crashes. This critical Function was well supported through computerization efforts that brought some automation to the process, but as the number and complexity of cases grew. a system to better manage diverse information, systems, stakeholders, and scale was necessitated.

“MVA Fund’s CMS is an initiative established to support the Fund’s mandate of providing medical care, rehabilitation and support to people affected by road traffic crashes and involves the automation of the Case Management Processes from evacuation (accident scene) to benefit discharge, said Mr. Michael Tlhagwane, Chief Executive Officer, MVA Fund. He further added, “To continue delivering on its mission, it was critical that MVA Fund expanded IT infrastructure and bring a complete solution that would cater to the complexities of the processes now and future-proof the Case Management Function.”

Mr. Komal Rao, Managing Director, RPC said, “The CMS will enable MVA Fund to consolidate, manage, and process information about Case in a central collection point. Within a Case, MVA Fund would group diverse information, transactions, services, suggested solutions, and documents.” He further added, “RPC continues to add value to enterprises like MVA Fund by brining and managing expertise from its large partner network which not only creates an environment for skills transfer, but allows for the highest quality of service delivery.

About RPC Data Limited

RPC Data Limited (RPC) is a uniquely focused information technology (IT) company that has just entered its 25th year of operation in Botswana. As a recently appointed SAP Partner coupled with our long-standing partnership with Oracle, RPC – first enterprise in Botswana – can now leverage its extensive domain and project management expertise in the implementation of large-scale ERP systems to deliver technology-agnostic solutions to the Botswana and the larger Pan-African market.

Founded in 1989, RPC Data Limited has since implemented and supported systems at many Public Sector [ Telco and Utility], Parastatals, and Private Sector organizations. Major clients have included Government of Uganda, Government of Kenya, Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS), and ZESCO.

RPC has indeed earned a reputation of delivering complex, sustainable, and successful solutions through business-domain and technical expertise spanning cross-industries and cross-border; strong project management; partnership-like relationship with our customers; and innovation exhibited through all stages of our solution delivery life-cycle.

RPC specializes in the implementation of integrated software systems and the provision of services, including strategic IT consulting, project management, software development, and training. RPC is a fully BOTA Certified Training Institution.

RPC has also developed its own stack of products including RPMS which is a complete Pensions Management Suite, ITAS which is an integrated Tax Administration System, SIMS which is a comprehensive Student Information Management System, and a Document Scanning and Imaging System.

With a staff complement of around forty personnel including many highly-qualified citizens, RPC’s has and continues to optimize all available resources, directing them towards adding maximum value to our partner-like customers and showcasing the highly-skilled expertise Botswana has to offer to the region.

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For more information on this release contact:

Komal Rao
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