By far the largest component of RPC Data’s continued success has been unswerving commitment to customer service which brings together superior expertise with a professional service delivery.

Service Delivery Framework

A key value-add of RPC, is the ability to transcend products and leverage our experience to address the requirements of the customer in a holistic technology-agnostic framework within the context of organizational change allowing RPC to design solutions that, in addition, to meeting functional needs, also address strategic fit (alignment) with the customer’s business objectives.

In the 25+ years of experience, RPC has time and again proven that disciplined project management and customer-aligned Implementation methodology coupled with the acumen [ matured through 120 implementations ] of business and industry have been the critical success factors. It is our obsessive dedication to improving and evolving our methodology that allows us to leverage the lessons learned from one implementation to the next and passing the benefits to the customers.

As depicted in the diagram, RPC operates at all levels of Consulting differentiating us from our competitors who often operate at the Solution level. This key differentiation has allowed RPC to deliver complex SUSTAINABLE solutions on TIME within BUDGET.