Bespoke Development

Development of Custom Made Applications

RPC has been developing applications using Oracle development tools for over twenty years. In fact a major section of our consulting services has been development of bespoke or custom made applications around relational databases and in particular Oracle and Microsoft platforms.

Build or Buy

Before RPC develops an application, consultations are held with its customers to understand the requirements, pain points and objectives of the required computerized solution. RPC plays a key role in assisting its customers to decide whether to build or buy the solution based on some of the following:

  • Availability of a packaged solution / product;
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of the packaged product if available;
  • Willingness of the customer to change its business processes to accommodate a packaged software;
  • Specific customer business functions that give it a competitive advantage; and
  • Existing of many changes as the business grows and / or due to policies.
Ability to Manage and Execute Custom Developed Solutions

Managing and executing a custom developed application is a challenge if its execution is not managed well. RPC has the skills, capability, and experience to manage and execute custom development projects effectively managing the following components:

  • Business Requirements Gathering and Systems Requirement Study;
  • Design, Development, Training and Implementation of a custom application using the latest technologies;
  • Integrating and Interfacing these applications with other internal and external applications;
  • Data Conversion and take on activities;
  • Change Management; and
  • Project Management.

RPC Data has developed and implemented a number of custom made business applications for various organisations which include land information systems, revenue management systems, votes ledger systems, education systems, treasury management, elections management, tax administration & management, roads information management, pensions administration, financial management, HR & payroll management, supply chain management and many more.