IT Consulting

RPC Data has implemented many consultancy projects for computerization. Most often these projects were carried out to assist Government or Parastatal organizations to implement the first phase of computerization process which involved feasibility studies and statement of user requirements. However, in the private sector we combined feasibility studies & analysis of user requirements with implementation of an identified solutions.

RPC’s experienced team which consists of domain experts, business analysts and project implementation experts bring you the following major consultancy components,

Development of IT Strategies:

  • Review of existing computerized systems;
  • Fact-finding analysis which involve gaining understanding of organization structures, legislation, existing business processes and existing environment and documenting the “to be” process;
  • Preparation of Statement of User Requirements which involves documenting requirements catalogue, infrastructure requirements and training requirements;
  • Identification of possible solutions including advising its clients to “make or buy” the recommended solution including estimation of budget and time to implement;
  • Preparation of Request for Proposal or Invitation to Tender;
  • Project Implementation Management;