Software Licensing has become increasingly complex and expensive; if you get it wrong your business could suffer immensely. This is not only down to the costs involved but also the damage to reputation that your business may incur due to under licensing. Another concern is over licensing; you may be paying too much for your software licenses, resulting in unnecessary costs. These worries are included in the list below which outlines several other risks associated with licensing:

  • Under licensing
  • Over licensing
  • Litigation when the software vendor exercises its rights to audit at any given time
  • Unauthorised software being deployed into the environment, which introduces risks to the business applications it’s supporting
  • Software being deployed on redundant servers meaning you are paying for something that you are not using

RPC Data eliminates the risks involved with licensing by using our skills and experience to guide your business through your license requirements. Our long standing relationship with our partners ensures that the correct licenses are procured and where possible provided to you maximizing the discount.

With RPC Data customers can eliminate the worries associated with licensing. We will provide you with a service which ensures that your company is receiving the largest return on investment possible by being licensed appropriately.