Support Management

Complex systems require a dedicated support team to help clients realize value of their IT investments. At inception, RPC Data was a Technical Services & Support organization and to this effect have leveraged our experience and expertise to deliver high quality support which combines technical know-how and superior customer service. RPC Data’s value proposition to its customers is defined below:

  • Local presence ensures the timely delivery of support services for customers in Botswana.
  • Experience with implementing large complex systems for the Public Sector Enterprises located in Botswana and regional countries
  • Business Domain and technical expertise.
  • Provision of support through a layered structure so that all the required skills are available relating to the supported system.
  • Support delivered as a TEAM avoiding any single-point of failures.
  • Expertise extends beyond technology and addresses business processes and best practices.
  • Proper Software Change Management procedures so that both client and consultant are protected.

Response times are documented in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which ensures timely response to the client. Support is provided either on a retainer(fixed cost), or on time and material. Furthermore, the SLA broadly includes the following services as a minimum:

  • Resolution of Faults and Issues based on Service Level and Response Times
  • Software Support
  • Change Control and Management
  • Training (formal and adhoc)
  • Enhancements and upgrades as applicable
  • DBA support services