Newgen Software

With the rapid evolution of information, technology has produced large, ever-increasing volumes of diverse and complex digital records. Two major trends in document and record management have become entangled, the result being that records management and records management systems have moved to the top of every corporation’s short list. The first trend is the continued explosive growth of electronic records – as originally created in an electronic record format and as paper-based records converted to electronic form. The second is the increasing number of statutory requirements, legislation, and supporting business practices needed to maintain control of these records and remain in compliance with legislation.

RPC Data partnered with India’s leading Electronic Records & Document Management Solutions Provider – Newgen Software:

  • Strategic Alignment with Newgen Software
  • Enterprise Grade Document Capture (Scanning) Solution tightly integrated with Document Management System
  • Strong position in both Document Management and Business Process Management market
  • Global Implementations provides for Global Best Practices embedded in the Value Proposition
  • Solutions can be implemented for SMEs all the way to LEs and PSEs
  • Cost Efficient Solution allows Customers to divert expenditure towards Process Development and User Training

Newgen offers a powerful Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) for archiving documents as records, as per your document retention policies. The solution combines the technologies of document management and records management to offer an integrated system. Using EDRMS, organizations can manage the complete life-cycle of physical and electronic records from acquisition/creation to destruction/archival while retaining integrity, authenticity and accessibility of the corporate records. EDRMS allows seamless configuration and customization as per customer preferences, policy guidelines, regulations as per the specific regional laws and applicable compliance mandates

Document Capture
  • Capture from multiple sources i.e. scan, fax, web forms, portals, websites, email, MS office
  • Support both centralized and distributed scanning
  • Web DAV & ODMA compliant
  • Application Interfaces (API) for document import
  • Support Windows Hot Folder
  • Fax servers, HTTP and FTP based document upload
  • Supports CSV based import
Document Management System
  • Check-in/Check-out, version control, library services like folder/sub-folders, access controls, sharing
  • Enterprise class search capabilities including profile, index, date based and full text search
  • Annotations on image and electronic documents
  • Extensive reports and audit trails
  • Unicode compliant – multi-lingual support
  • Fax servers, HTTP and FTP based document upload
  • Strong integration capabilities, with support for web services,Java based API, and URL-based integration
Business Process Management
  • Process Modeler using drag & drop modeling tool to design processes
  • Business Activity Monitor (BAM) allowing process owners to easily design reports, define KPIs and monitor the process in real time
  • Form Builder to create electronic forms with validations
  • Business Rules Management System (BRMS) for dynamic rules
  • Process simulation enabling a process owner to assess a number of ‘what if’ scenarios and achieve a measure of predictability before deploying the process in production
  • WFMC compliant platform
Records Management
  • Records classification into file, file parts and file-plan
  • DoD 5015.2 & VERS certified
  • Record retention, storage, retrieval, disposition policies
  • Manage and track physical location of documents
  • Transfer note generation and tracking for sending documents to central location
  • Accept/Reject documents attached with the transfer notes
  • Extensive reports and audit trails