SAP Business One

Designed exclusively for small businesses, SAP® Business One is an affordable solution to manage the customers’ entire business across financials, sales, customers and operations, all in a single system. With SAP Business One, small businesses can streamline their end-to-end operations, get instant and complete information to respond faster to market needs, and accelerate profitable growth.

All essential business functions (accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), operations, sales, marketing, service, inventory/stock management with basic warehousing – extended through Add-ons, and more) are available out of the box. Complete visibility and better control help you run your end-to-end business processes professionally.

All business functions come in one package, which makes them easy to set up, use, and optimize with other systems via standard integration packages or open application programming interfaces (APIs). SAP Business One provides an integration framework that allows SAP Business One Customers to integrate with headquarters, trading partners (through the Ariba Network), and third-party business systems. SAP Business One also provides integration with Office products, tightly integrating with Excel to offer drill-down reporting within the Excel interface.
A flexible platform with 41 localizations and 27 languages allows for growth and innovation. More than 500 pre-integrated, industry-specific, and horizontal solutions are available via SAP partners. SAP Business One also offers an SDK which allows partners to address unique requirements of the customer through customization of the data and/or interface.

Offered via mobile devices and providing real-time data insight, you get access to ground-breaking
technologies – and you stay ahead of the competition.

ERP implementations can be a costly affair with the actual product costs representing only a fraction of the total cost of ownership.Costs related to training, customizations, bugs, integration, upgrades, and organizational change with respect to personnel and processes can exceed that of the actual implementation. SAP Business One offers: a complete solution (minimizing customization);an intuitive interface (minimizing training); an integration platform(minimizing integration); best practices embedded in the solution (minimizing organizational change), and a rapid deployment solution (reducing implementation costs). This coupled with different options to deploy SAP Business One from a starter package (1 to 2 users) to a on-premise and cloud solution.